Social Media Marketing

We will work with you to develop a social media marketing strategy that will engage your customers and will be part of a long-term strategy for business growth. We will do in-depth research and recommend appropriate social media channels, analyze your specific market, and create a customized marketing strategy that will include all or some of the following elements: You

Email Marketing

We can organize and coordinate each newsletter for you. This includes:

  • Newsletter set-up
  • Article writing
  • Creation of landing pages for your website
  • Split A/B testing for the subject lines
  • Spam analysis to ensure email newsletters are not labeled as spam
  • Analysis of open rates to see which day of the week and time of day is best for open rates
  • Analysis of click-thru rates to see which material appeals to the targeted audience


  • Working with the email newsletter vendor to keep bounce rates as low as possible
  • Creating archival links to the newsletters to link to from the website

Social Campaigns

We organize and have great success with:

  • Facebook Sweepstakes
  • Downloadable Content
  • Coupons
  • Surveys and Quizzes
 Social Campaigns2

Social Campaigns: Facebook Sweepstakes


  • Reach of 2,360 People
  • Resulting in 125 New Leads

Facebook Sweepstakes B



Social Campaigns: Downloadable Content


  • 730 Leads and Counting

Downloadable Content Ex2


Social Campaigns: Coupons


  • A 14% increase in phone calls


Social Campaigns: Surveys and Quizzes


  • A 12% increase in new leads during the length of the campaign


Lead Management

Lead management is the key to understanding not only what campaigns are succesful, but where your target audience interests lie and where your audience resides online.

As part of lead management we will help you with:

  • Placing newsletter sign up forms on your website
  • Placing newsletter sign up forms on your Facebook business page
  • Creating and Deploying Facebook Sweepstakes tracking the resulting lead data
  • Placing relevant digital content on the your website with forms to fill out to download the content and track which page, form, digital content, etc. leads come from.
  • Placing surveys on your website and Facebook accounts and tracking the resulting lead data
  • Placing coupons on your website and Facebook accounts and tracking lead data
  • Creating segmented channels within your email list to ensure appropriate information is sent to correct target audience.

For example, your new leads will be sent newsletters about things such as informational seminars, while someone who has downloaded a “Holiday Survival Guide” can be sent information about a weight loss program “Getting Back on Track”.




Public Relations
We will create press releases for each email newsletter that goes out generating publicity through online channels and helping to increase ranking in search engines such as Google.



Media Buying (Such as Facebook Ads)

The Results of one Facebook Ad Campaign for a Client:

  • Reach of 2,417 People
  • 203 Clicks-thrus (to landing page on website)
  • Resulting in a 20% increase in new leads

Facebook Ad Campaign3

Video Production

We provide videos for:

  • Articles that go out in the email newsletter
  • Digital material such as recipe guides, etc.
  • Explainer Videos that describe a process for your customers

The videos can be placed in:

  • In email newsletters
  • On your website
  • In social media channels such as Facebook and Pinterest


Graphic Design

We provide graphic design as needed for website design, email newsletters, social media and video production.





Website Design: Coordinated Landing Pages

We will create and grow brand awareness with relevant content on your website which we can place for you or work with your existing team. We will design landing pages coordinated with your on-going social media marketing plan. This will include web design, web development, copy writing, images, and video production.


Website Design


Analytics and Reporting

We will analyze, in an ongoing basis, traffic on your website, social media accounts (such as Facebook and Pinterest), email newsletters to determine content that attracts targeted audiences.


Analytics and Reporting


Analytics and Reporting: Website Traffic

We will analyze the traffic to each page on your website to see which ones catch the attention of your potential leads, where they come from (Google, specific links, Facebook, etc.), and how long they stay on your website.


Web Traffic Over Time


Analytics and Reporting: Email

We will analyze the open rate of your emails and do split A/B testing on subject lines to see what topics interest your audience the most.


What Interests Your Audience


Analytics and Reporting: Email

We will analyze unique links within an email to see who liked which topic the most and seperate your email lists into different groups so we can begin segmented marketing to specific audience members.


Opens - Detailed


Analytics and Reporting: Facebook

We will analyze traffic on your Facebook page to see the number of Likes and unLikes (and why), the reach, number of views and click-thrus of each campaign.


Facebook - Fans


Search Engine Optimization
We will research key words used in search engines and place the most commonly used words and phrases on each page created on your website to ensure the highest possible ranking in search engines such as Google.